Where are my items sold?

Every item is sold on eBay. sportcardauctionscom is our user ID.

I'd like to send some items how does the process work?

It's as simple as sign up on sportcardauctions.com. Mail your items to David Cook, PO Box 151,  Brockport, NY 14420. If using Fedex or UPS please ship to David Cook,  6558 4th Section Road, Brockport NY 14420. You will get notified once I receive your items. After that your items are processed and proofs will be emailed to you before they are listed on eBay.  Once your items end you will get paid by the method of payment you choose.

Is the auction fee calculated on the total value of my submission?

Auction fees are applied based on the sale price of each individual item, and not based on the sum total of the submission overall.

When I mail you a consignment what needs to go in the package with the cards?

Just be sure to pack up all of your items so they are secure and do not get damaged. Also just shoot us a email giving us a heads up you have a package on its way.

What happens if my submitted items go unpaid or gets returned?

If an item goes unpaid for it will be relisted in a future auction. If an item gets returned it will be re-listed and any credits or debits will be withheld or added in a future payment.

What happens if I bid on my own items I send you?

If you bid on your own items you will be banned immediately from this site and future auctions. It is unethical and I will not support such practices.